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Oct 19

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Sleepy Piggy

Sleepy Piggy



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Can’t wait until Im not sharing a washer and dryer with a smoker. I just got this shirt and it smells like I just came out of Michael Bobs

Jun 26

Literally every time I see Gus running around and having an awesome life I remember when he was a puppy and he wasn’t doing good at all and I’m so thankful those days are over.

I don’t know why I never had a dog before and I can’t believe how much of an overall better mood I’ve been in since having one.

I don’t know, lifes crazy man. I love my little family.

May 29

This guy

May 22

I know Caits on vacation, but she’s watched more cable tv in the past 5 days than I have in the past 5 years.

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